Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ah... so that's what the week had in store for me!

Memo to me - NEVER finish a blog post with "I wonder what next week has in store for me?"

I ended my last post with that. I started this week with the full intention of working properly on my writing career - blogs, online presence, WIP, short story, housework, e-mail etc - everything was prioritised and went down on my To-Do-List.

Maybe that was a mistake as well?

The To-Do-List, I mean.

Ah well...

The Terrible Twosome (aka my kids) had a wonderful week to start with - they got to go to their childminder on tuesday (I swear they love her more than me) and it's the end of term, so their school has been doing all sorts of fun things!

Unfortunately the Princess-Terrorist (my daughter) appears to be going through a bit of a phase. She's arguing with anything and everything. I love her dearly, but when she is constantly arguing and being cheeky / talking back to me and the Other Half (aka my partner) it gets a bit noisy...
Especially as Number One Son is also having problems. He seems to be sliding back into being eight, rather than going forward into being ten like the rest of his class.

So combine those two phases with a lot of "being out of work" stress from me and "I don't know what to do with my life" stress from the Other Half, you get a pretty good picture of what this week has been like in the Tiger Princess Household...


I had hoped that everything would calm down today. Then I remembered that we are due to visit the Grandmother-In-Law (hereafter known as GIL) in Bristol today. That's not a bad thing, you understand, but it's always a tiring day.
GIL is ninety. She loves her grandson and her great-grandchildren, but as Grandfather-In-Law (hereafter known as Bampi - mostly so that I don't get confused) is also ninety and has Alzheimer's; he can't be left alone with the simplest task (Bampi gets confused easily and forgets what he is supposed to be doing), so GIL has to supervise him almost constantly.

Add the Terrible Twosome to the mix and you have a Very Tiring Day for me.

VTG's mean that I often don't get much done. This is why I started writing at 8:00pm on a Saturday morning, when I should be snuggled under my duvet with OH, listening to the rain hit the window pane and contemplating a late breakfast...


I need more coffee before I do anything else today - I'll see y'all tomorrow...

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