Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Year Catch-up

Yes I know I haven't been on here for a while. I've been busy setting up my own website on weebly. I blog there most often, but I will come here every so often.

It's if anyone is interested.

Hmm - catch up time...

I've managed to publish 4 stories since christmas. And now all my friends and family are saying "When's the book coming out?" - they mean Heir of the Dragon of course. To placate them a little, I have sent off one of my rhyming children's stories to Little Tiger Press - "Where are my Socks?" its called.

Heir on the other hand is being re-written from a novella into a novel. I've done the prologue (with a little help from Poppet) chapter one and two - I'm working on chapter one at the moment. Its sorta fun. I get to rearrange the story, increase various character's parts and attempt to make it a tighter read.
However, I am not having fun with my editing. I still don't get editing properly, which is why I get help from Poppet and JAM and all the others on my favourite websites. I much prefer to create.

So there we are - all caught up. And if the financial situation I am in continues, my writing will suffer - because I'll have to go back to Teaching and believe me, it's hard to be a creative writer when you have to write reports on unruly pupils etc...